Simply Nice

Simply Nice provides simple yet elegant as well as affordable interior fitting solutions for clients and using this method, focuses on improving the rent-ability of a property to maximize Return on Investment (ROI) for the investors!

What We Do

Simply Nice is a Interior Renovations company providing the services for Proposals, Mockups, and Quotations as per your preference for the list of items below:

- Interior Decoration
- Wall painting
- Furniture Recommendations
- Lighting and Electrical Fixtures
- Flooring
- Carpeting
- Curtain Installation

Consultation :

Members may enjoy free consultation with SimplyNice staff to discuss future the best possible options for your property.

Results can be achieved in person for comfort and assurance, or even remotely via online video calls for safety and convenience!

Proposals :

Proposals include 3D Rendered Mockups as well as an optional 3D VR Walkthrough, for a fully immersive and realistic visualization of the finished result

3D Rendered Mockups

Here are some examples of the 3D Rendering done by Simply Nice for previous clients.

Virtual 3D VR Walkthrough

Simply Nice offers a futuristic solution to view designs! With cutting edge tech, generating a custom design in 3D with realistic lighting based on real floorplans & measurements is no big issue. << Link to 3D VR Walkthrough

The above is an example of the Virtual 3D VR Walkthroughs available. Just scan the QR code or click on the link above to access it!

Examples of Completed Units :

Here are some examples of completed units, fully refurnished and set up by Simply Nice!