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Eliteone Academy : Reni Lim

“Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.” Said by Benjamin Franklin

You may be unaware that you are making mistakes that are causing you to achieve great success in life. Especially in business, no matter how skillful, talented, or knowledgeable you are, if you continue making mistakes, success will always escape you.

Everybody makes some common mistakes. Most of the business failures happen for the same reasons. Reasons which can be easily avoided if you take a little bit of care and attention, and look to learn from the mistakes of others. I have summarized those reasons here.

Eliteone Trip: Retail Park 163

Come with our Eliteone Team on our day trip to Retail Park 163 @ Mont Kiara!

TONY YAP ——IQI ELITE One 团队领导兼资深房产企业家

Eliteone Academy : Tony Yap


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Eliteone Academy : Jun Tan




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JUN TAN ——IQI 团队领导兼戏剧导师与编导

Eliteone Academy : Wayne Lim

To break down the art of straight persuasion method sales was Wayne Lim, the top sales person in IQI Eliteone. Wayne was one of the very first members to join IQI in its journey to achieve its mission of mission of bringing change and influence real estate through educating and empowering. Despite only working part time, Wayne left a lasting impression by being one of the most determined employees.

Dubbed as the ‘wolf’ of IQI, Wayne led the pack in internet marketing strategies, introducing Facebook marketing as an alternative instead of the traditional SMS blasting. Wayne’s focus to go the extra mile in his initiative secured the company many deals thereof.

This marked the beginning of his journey in real estate and allowed him to climb his way to the top in sales for few consecutive years, closing almost RM30 million in sales as a milestone in his personal track record – the top in IQI.

Persuasion is one of the most fundamental skills one needs to master throughout their lives in order to achieve success. Many think that is only applicable to sales, but it doesn’t matter what you do, regardless whether it is business or personal life.

Persuading is helping people to overcome the internal obstacles that prevent them from taking action. The art of persuading is to master tonality, rapport and control of the sale. It is a method of communication that aims to influence the attitudes, beliefs, or behaviours of others. In the context of sales, persuasion typically takes place when a sales rep is trying to convince a prospect that their product or service is the best solution for their problem.

Everyone is susceptible to being persuaded; persuasion is a process whose objective is to change a person’s attitude and behaviour towards an idea, event, person or an object. An understanding of various effective persuasion techniques will not only help sales people to make sales and meet their targets but it will also allow them to have an edge over competitors in the market.

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Eliteone Tour :
Nidoz Residences

From the unique Urban Farm and Gardens, to the multiple pools, follow our Eliteone team on a tour of the various facilities available in the Nidoz Residences @ Desa Petaling!

Michael Jau - an experienced & successful manager in the sales industry

Eliteone Academy : Michael Jau

Having a successful career will offer you a lot of benefits and real profitable opportunities. As we live in a world governed by social status and money, working your way up to the top will definitely improve your quality of life. There are many possible reasons for which an individual would desire success.

Everyone aspires to have purpose or meaning in their career but how do you actually do that? What practical steps can you take today or this month to make sure you’re not just toiling away at your desk but you’re doing something you genuinely care about?

Say you’ve been selling real estate for 20 years, and you’re starting to feel a little burnt out. You don’t want to leave the field entirely, but you need a new challenge, a chance to go further and level up towards a better position, for instance as an agency manager.

Agency managers in this field are the realty industry’s coaches, while individual agents are the players who get the glory of hitting the home runs – selling the overpriced listing, signing the difficult buyer or convincing a family that relocating to the area will be a good move.

Those who make the shift from selling real estate to managing others who sell real estate have a variety of motivations, but they do follow some typical career paths. Most have a great deal of experience as agents.

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