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Our family consists of 3 sections, inclusive of Eliteone Team Members, Eliteone Club Members, and our Partners & Affiliates.

Eliteone Team Members

Eliteone is your top choice real estate team in IQI Global with offices in Malaysia. Our expertise in properties and investment in combination with global insight ensures that IQI Eliteone maintains a structured and disciplined approach with the goal of creating wealth for investors by sourcing attractive assets and maximizing the return of investment. IQI Eliteone was formed by a diverse group of investors, business experts and people passionate to succeed. Taking the best of corporate culture, professionalism, best practices and technological solutions, IQI Eliteone has become the trend setter for real estate agencies in Malaysia.


Combining global insight and industry practices with local knowledge ensures that IQI Eliteone maintains a structured and disciplined approach with the goal to create wealth for investors. We have a reputation for uncompromising professionalism and honesty and have earned the trust of our clients.


IQI Eliteone has redefined industry standards for real estate concepts, technology, initiatives, and products. We are the top real estate agency in Malaysia, with the proud reputation as the preferred real estate brand in Malaysia. IQI Eliteone is synonymous with providing innovative breakthrough products and services which cater to our clients’ every need.


At IQI we do things innovatively. Our strong desire to improve the way the industry operates means that we are constantly challenging tradition and adapting to the needs of a rapidly changing world. We are committed to offering you an extensive range of properties and comprehensive services combined with insightful property investment strategies.


As the industry leader, IQI Eliteone continues to set industry standards by introducing revolutionary initiatives which have allowed us to accumulate numerous accolades. IQI Eliteone remains committed to our tradition of innovation and service excellence, and will make every effort to elevate our service to our client to greater heights.

Dave Chong
Eliteone Team Founder :

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way,” said international leadership expert and author John C. Maxwell. This would be an apt description of Dave Chong. After graduating from Imperial College in London, England with a Civil Engineering Master First Class Honours, Dave worked in the city for two years as a Civil and Structural Engineer. Upon developing his expertise in analytical skills, he took on international oil and gas engineering projects in Australia and India.

Dave returned to Malaysia in 2011 and started-up a couple of businesses, with one of them growing into a multi-million-dollar company. His underlying passion and interest in project management drove him to take on the role of Property Manager with a prominent developer, and was responsible for establishing major industrial warehouses in Seri Kembangan and Semenyih, both in the state of Selangor. Dave’s rise to IQI’s corner office began in 2014 when he joined IQI Holdings as a Real Estate Negotiator.

A year later, he became a Team Leader and founded Eliteone Team. He eventually grew a team with a modest 5 individuals to 100, resulting in peak performance from all involved. In 2016, Dave was promoted to Team Manager and there was no looking back since as he continued to build his team to 2000-strong members and went on to achieve RM 1 billion in sales. He is now the Group Vice President of IQI Global, continuing his vision to help as many people as possible to achieve their financial and life goals.

Tony Yap
Eliteone Team Manager

Ken Tck
Eliteone Head of Team

Adrian Seow
Eliteone Head of Team

Reni Lim
Eliteone Head of Team

Wayne Lim
Eliteone Head of Team

Sean Teo
Eliteone Head of Team

Joyce Yeoh
Eliteone Head of Team

Kevin Ong
Eliteone Head of Team

Partners & Affiliates

Our trusted Partners & Affiliates are carefully chosen industry professionals who are the most suited to our Eliteone Club vision. We select only the best aligned to our goals, mission, and ambition for the future.

These businesses aligned with the Club will be involved in various real estate sectors, providing us a source of business support and connection to the real estate world, adding value to our ecosystem as a whole.

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Club Members (Yes, you!)

Our members are the most crucial part of the Eliteone Family!

Your feedback and involvement are the main massive driving force behind the fast-paced evolution of our methods of approaching and interacting with the real estate world.

We welcome you with open arms to participate and connect with our ecosystem, to help us build a brand new future where unrestricted access to crucial information and resources is no longer a faraway dream.