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Our club aims to improve our community by hosting regular talks
and sharing sessions to cultivate a strong understanding of
the real estate industry.

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Eliteone Academy

Eliteone Academy is a seminar or discussion session held every week at 8pm, a day to improve both your knowledge and technical skills. We consistently invite experienced and weathered speakers to cover especially but not limited to, real estate topics. Here the speakers will share from their tried and true experiences, to assist those in the audience in mindset, technique, and development of various useful life skills.

Recent Highlights :
January 2022

Open to the public & welcoming real estate negotiators, property investors, and prospective buyers, Eliteone Academy hosted our first OPEN DAY!

On 28th of January at 8pm, our IQI Eliteone Group Founder & IQI Group Vice President Dave Chong offered his insight to help you expand your knowledge in property investment.

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